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I recently created a meetup group called “WordPress Interactive Training” ( https://www.meetup.com/InteractiveTraining/ ) which offers 1 hour long web conference hands-on WordPress training covering many useful topics, suitable for beginners thru intermediate WordPress users.


The last 15 minutes of each training session is reserved for interactive Q&A related to the current topic…worth the price of admission alone!

There is no cost to join the WordPress Interactive Training meetup group (participate in the discussion board), but some sessions will have a small cost covering time/resources (just sign up for the topics of interest to you).

There should be something for everyone.

More details shown below. I hope to see you there (via web conference).

Jeff Kemp
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WordPress Interactive Training Meetup Group



The purpose of this group is to provide valuable WordPress Interactive Training to anyone already using WordPress or interested in learning more about WordPress.

WordPress Interactive Training will be provided by a WordPress Expert, sometimes in a face-to-face group setting and sometimes via web conference .

For the face-to-face meetups we’ll wait to pick a venue that will work well once we see how many people we need to support (most likely it will be either downtown Denver, or the West or Southwest areas of Denver). Currently our web conference trainings are limited to 15 people, but we anticipate raising that limit at some point.

Whatever format we use we will always have an open forum where you can ask questions and get answers to specific issues that will instantly help you with your WordPress website and your business.


What you will learn:

  • WordPress Platform
  • WordPress Dashboard (customization)
  • WordPress Plugins (best free and commercial/premium plugins to use)
  • WordPress Themes (best free and commercial/premium use)
  • Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Post Formats
  • Page Templates
  • Media: Images (uploading, editing, replacing) , Video, Links
  • Users & User Roles
  • CSS Cascading Style Sheets
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization  
  • WordPress Techniques
  • Converting a WordPress.com Blog to a WordPress.org Website/Blog
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Membership Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Advertising
  • Image Galleries
  • Featured Content Sliders
  • Gravity Forms Configuration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management Sytstem)
  • WordPress for Mobile & iPad
  • Website Optimization
  • BuddyPress
  • Marketing Techniques
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Upgrades  

And more! (suggest a topic)


Everybody loves WordPress! No matter what level of WordPress user you are, everyone needs to learn more about how to use WordPress plugins , themes , and techniques to enhance their website or blog!

Social Media and Marketing tips and Small Business Operations ‘best practices’ advice will also be provided along the way as an added bonus!


Personalized WordPress Training

By request, Personalized WordPress Training is also available for specialized one-on-one WordPress Help & Training arranged by appointment for those that have specific needs such as a particular indepth topic, feature, or technique they need to learn (like ecommerce, membership, social media, or anything).

Just let us know what you need to learn and we’ll set up a training just for you and your team. 

  • Your whole team of up to 15 people can attend at the same price!
  • Includes an Online Video Training from the WordPress Training we do with you via web conference!

Personalized WordPress Training is available by request and based on an hourly rate.

For more information please contact Jeff Kemp  303-888-5140  https://SiteSubscribe.com

Technical Support

By request, WordPress Technical Support is also available as a special one-on-one WordPress Help & Training for those that have immediate needs or a problem with their WordPress website, plugins, themes, CSS, or anything related to their WordPress website.

WordPress Technical Support is available by request and based on an hourly rate.

For more information please contact Jeff Kemp  303-888-5140  https://SiteSubscribe.com



This group is for:

  • WordPress users from Beginning to Advanced.
  • Those wanting to learn more about WordPress.
  • Those wanting to know the best plugins to use for this or that.
  • Businesses or Organizations using WordPress.
  • Bloggers.
  • Those considering moving over to WordPress from another CMS or blogging system.

The WordPress Help & Training meetup group is mainly for WordPress users…teaching WordPress to business owners and bloggers who want to go deeper.

Although it would probably be helpful for beginning level developers, it’s not meant to be a web developer training (I don’t expect to get into developing themes, plugins, APIs).

We will teach on how to configure and customize themes and plugins, and which ones are best to use based on your needs and requirements.

There will definitely be good WP tips and tricks, and marketing and social media tips!

I expect this group to really grow and take off, and maybe even go national…so get in early!


If you are an Advanced or Expert WordPress user and want to get more involved in this group by planning or presenting, or partnering in any other way, please contact Jeff Kemp 303-888-5140.



Check our meetups for locations and times.

Many of our meetups will be ‘ virtual ‘, held via web conference so that it is more convenient and so that more people can attend (without geographic limitations).

Online Video Trainings from most of our WordPress Trainings via web conference will be made available.



Some of our meetings will be FREE , but most of our meetings will involve a small cost to cover our time and resources for preparing, presenting, and sharing our valuable WordPress Expertise .

We don’t charge a Membership Dues, so you are free to join and get in on the discussion, and then only pay for the training topics that interest you.

Personalized WordPress Training & WordPress Technical Support are available by request and based on an hourly rate.

For more information please contact Jeff Kemp  303-888-5140  https://SiteSubscribe.com


WordPress Interactive Training meetup group.