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After being several weeks into developing a WordPress website for a new client I’m finding out the hard way that the WooCommerce shopping cart is NOT compatible with the drag-and-drop Headway theme.

The Result of Trying to Integrate WooCommerce with Headway

I’ve tried posting to both the Headway support forum and to WooCommerce support for help, and so far the result is this:

  • The folks at Headway apparently have ill feelings towards the WooThemes team as to how they went about forking Jigoshop…there is a post in the Headway support forums from one of the principals of Headway stating their ill feelings and why they won’t support WooThemes/WooCommerce.
  • At this time it seems Headway has no intent to put any development effort towards WooCommerce integration, and they are totally leaving it up to Woo if they want to integrate with Headway. From what I’ve read it seems Headway is very stern on their stance against Woo. So likely any integration (creating a ‘Headway Block’) would have to come from Woo.
  • Headway’s stance was made clear again when they replied to my support request today with: “We recommend Jigoshop since they built a Headway specific block to use with JigoShop and Headway.”
  • WooThemes quickly responded to my support request via email with “we don’t support 3rd party themes”, then they pointed me to a knowledgebase article. But the article doesn’t go into specific enough detail for me to be able to get the WooCommerce/Headway integration working. I tried various alterations to the code they suggested for the functions.php file, but nothing worked. Woo replied further with some suggestions for editing functions.php, but then resolved in a final reply that just editing functions.php won’t be enough due to the Headway environment, they would have to create an extension (or plugin or block or something). And that this has been brought up within our team, I believe in large part because of this post and my prompting.
  • Woo uses ‘UserVoice’ to track new feature requests, and Headway integration is not getting many votes at all (about 26 votes as of this writing), so it doesn’t look promising for any Headway integration from Woo any time soon…you can help by ‘voting it up’ here.
  • It’s important to me to try to remain neutral on this since I value both of these vendors (Woo and Headway). But I do strongly favor WooCommerce over other ecommerce solutions out there for WordPress. And I’m fairly sure that since Headway released version 3 with some major new features that they are picking up more customers. So I think it would benefit Woo to put this (Headway integration) on the near-future roadmap.
  • I posted some enquiries onto the community forums today (July 16, 2012) to see if anyone else has successfully integrated WooCommerce with Headway 3 (no response yet). I’ll try to update this post with any useful replies I receive.
  • Update 7/18: Headway says they are open to dialoguing with Woo: “If the guys at Woo would like to work with us on it, happy to discuss it with them.” That’s great news…so I passed that info on to Woo in hopes they reach out to begin the dialogue.
  • If you have any insight or experience on how to integrate WooCommerce with Headway (good or bad), or any other relative info please post your comments below.

I’ve spent several hundred dollars so far on WooCommerce extensions. So with no Headway/WooCommerce integration, unless Woo comes up with their own integration with Headway I’m forced to either use Jigoshop or Cart66 if I want to develop with Headway (that’s the direction I’ll have to go for my current project anyway). Both decent shopping carts (with their own pros/cons), but I don’t want to have too many shopping carts to have to learn and deal with and maintain, and especially to have to buy extensions for! So for me and my situation it makes Headway very limiting unless there is a solution for WooCommerce integration. That wasn’t something I expected, but that’s where things are at right now. I’m sure many other web developers are in the same situation, so this post may help to track progress towards a solution. I’m hoping this post will drive the issue up the flagpole for more visibility and attention, and there is some evidence that it may be doing so to some degree. Comments welcome…

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Update 7/19: Changed title and some text from ‘Headway theme is not compatible with WooCommerce‘ to ‘WooCommerce is not compatible with Headway theme‘.

Update 2/20/2013:

This issue is resolved. Woo says it is a resolved issue now that Headway has released the “Storefront: Woocommerce“: https://headwaythemes.com/extend/addon/storefront-woocommerce/

“Headway Storefront is included with all licenses of Headway.”

The Woo UserVoice thread is here: https://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/2762478-headway?tracking_code=e89a6ce94f5372515332cc87060bce73