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We just added 50 new premium themes, including 30 top rated premium WordPress themes from StudioPress.

We just signed up for the ‘All Themes’ package from StudioPress, so many of the themes we recently added are built on the Genesis framework from StudioPress, which we expect will become our new primary theme platform due to it’s good design and flexibility.

All theme collections from StudioPress and WooThemes are pre-installed and available:

Premium WordPress Themes from StudioPress

Premium WordPress Themes from WooThemes

The Premium Theme collections from these Premium Theme providers are some of the very best WordPress themes available anywhere!

For best results we highly recommend you select a theme from StudioPress or WooThemes (hint: search on ‘Genesis’ or ‘WooThemes’).

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You don’t need to purchase a theme since hundreds of Premium Themes are already included in the Subscription.


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If you are a SiteSubscribe Member you can review and ‘test drive’ installed themes once logged into your website Admin.


[stextbox id=”info”]Many thanks to Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder) for purchasing the ‘All Themes’ upgrade package from StudioPress for us![/stextbox]

We now have over 500 themes available for use by our Subscribers, including the entire theme collections from StudioPress and from WooThemes.