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This December 2011 was our first year to participate in the ‘Taste Of Christmas‘ event put on by First Baptist Church of Golden. With over 100 people participating, and with live animals for the manger, it was quite an event.

While I was playing the role of ‘Innkeeper’, standing at the door of his inn in Bethlehem greeting those coming to see the long awaited miracle in the manger (live nativity), I entertained the waiting folks with a few corny jokes I made up the night before:

  • We are so busy here with everyone coming to the town of Bethlehem, the City Of David, to the town of their origin to be counted for the census…that we have to put people in the stables! We used to be a FIVE star inn, the highest of ratings, but now that we put people in stables we are ONE star inn…BUT…it is the STAR OF BETHLEHEM! So you don’t-a mind so much, ehh?
  • We are-a a special kind of inn, known as a “Bed and Breakfast”. We give you a bed of hay to sleep on, and da bed bugs they eat-a you for breakfast!
  • Everyone wants to know, what would Jesus do (WWJD)? Well, I have seen him…and right-a now he just a baby, so he would sleep or he would cry…that’s what babies do, and that’s what-a Jesus would do (at least until he-a grow up a little).
  • How many shepherds does it take to sheer a sheep? Three. One-a to hold da razor, one-a to hold da sheep, and one to hold da razor. Ohhh, you notice I say razor twice, eh? Ahh…it was a dual edged blade 🙂
  • How many shepherds does it take to screw in a light bulb? I don’t a know…what is a “light bulb”?
  • How many wise men were there at the manger in Bethlehem? Most people day say tree, but I disagree. Let-a me recount them for you… there was-a Balthasar, Melchior, Gaspar, and Frank, the incense-itive one. Everyone-a forget about Frank, he was-a there…and he was a real gift!
  • How did the shepherds find the manger with baby Jesus? They used G.P.S., uv course. Gods Provided Sign. GPS is not a new technology, it’s been around for thousands of years.

In spite of my corny jokes and bad accent, I got a lot of smiles and thumbs-up from folks on the way out from the nativity, so I know they really enjoyed it and were blessed by being taken back in time to Bethlehem for just a little while. It’s a good reminder of the reason for the season and the great gift that we all received.

Just a few rantings from an old lama jockey a little off his lama. Be generous with the Innkeeper as you go your way, and it will go well with you…