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SiteSubscribe successfully completed our upgrade to WordPress 3.0 without a hitch on June 28th!

The upgrade was virtually seamless…way to go WordPress development team!

We’re really excited about some of the new features that have become available with WordPress 3.0, but we realize it will take some time to fully understand and access some of the new capabilities. There were over 1200 items added, updated, or fixed for this major upgrade of WordPress! Once again WordPress proves to be the platform of choice for many bloggers and website developers. We went with WordPress mid-year 2008 and have never regreted that decision.

New Features

Some of the major new features available are:

  • (flyout menu support for all themes)
  • Custom Image Backgrounds
  • New Default Theme (aptly named TwentyTen)
  • Custom Post Types (my favorite and probably the most important new feature for the platform overall)

Report Any Issues

There likely are some themes and plugins that are not yet compatible with the latest update.

We at SiteSubscribe are perhaps particulary succeptable to potential theme and plugin issues since we include hundreds of themes and plugins pre-installed for our customers to access. So we need your help to let us know if any theme or plugin isn’t ‘playing nice with others‘ as it should.

Please check your website regularly to make sure all functionality on your site works as expected.

Please report any plugin or theme issues so we can address them right away.


~The SiteSubscribe Team