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March 2014 Use this SmugMug coupon code to save 20% off any plan, plus you can save an additional $5.

smugmug coupon code

I just signed up for the BASIC paid plan at SmugMug and saved 20%.

With coupon code “STUCKINCUSTOMS” you get 20% of the first year for whatever plan you sign up for. So for my Basic month-to-month plan it’s only $4/month (and it’s tax deductible business expense, for me anyway).
You can upgrade later to the plan where you can sell photos if you want once you have your photos uploaded and organized (would probably take a year to get to that point for me since I have about 100,000 photos to upload and organize).
Even on the Basic plan SmugMug offers unlimited photo storage, and up to 5,000 photos per album, which is exactly what I need for my huge collection of photos.
Another great feature is that you can mark your albums as private until you’re ready to start selling any of your photos (if ever). Meanwhile you can still easily share your photos and albums with select people (family and friends, Facebook, etc.), while remaining private to the public.
If you sign up using my email address jeffkemp5280 [at] gmail (and don’t forget to use the coupon code) we’ll both save some money off the cost (you can save an additional $5).