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Call us paranoid, but as an extra measure we suggest you also keep a copy of any content you have created within a local file on your computer when you are uploading to a page or post within WordPress.

The following procedure creates a separate backup of each page or post file you create to ensure you are covering yourself against any unforseen problems that may occur within the time gaps since your most recent full database backups.

For example:

Recommended Extra Precautions In Backing Up Your Content


  1. Write your content within the rich text editor.
  2. When you are ready to post your content select the HTML view.
  3. Copy all of the HTML to the clipboard.
  4. Paste the content from the clipboard into a separate text file (using Word, Textpad, or any text editor, many of which are free on the internet).
  5. Save that text file somewhere on your local computer as a backup.
  6. Do this each time you update any post/page.