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WordPressThis WordPress site was hacked recently with some malicious code. So I am in process of re-installing this site along with adding some features…so it is still a work in process.

My apologies if anyone got any weird messages in their browser, or worse.

I think the malicious code is related to a JavaScript with a bunch of ‘unescapes‘ inserted at the bottom of the page that can cause harm. It also appears that the malicious code came from this domain: zctk.ru.

It seems odd that this WordPress site was hacked after only being live for about a month. Now the only way to get rid of the malware is to reinstall WordPress. Fortunately it should only take about a day or two to fix this.

I’m now on the hunt to look for security measures so this doesn’t happen again. Soon after this site is back to it’s normal state I’ll post the security measures that I am using to prevent hacking of any WordPress site. Hopefully this will benefit some of you. I guess this is part of the learning curve of moving over to a new CMS platform.

In spite of this I still really like WordPress a lot, and will be developing more websites with it in the coming weeks.