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Online Collaboration Tools – New Technologies And Web Services – Sharewood Picnic May20 08 – Robin Good’s Latest News: “Here my selected online collaboration tools for this week:

1. Vyew 3: New cool version of web-conferencing tool integrates VoIP, video conferencing and screen-sharing.

2. TeamViewer: Free downloadable application allows you to share your screen and control anyone else’s PC

3. OnStagePortal: Online workspace creator lets you invite people, assign tasks and share documents

4. Joyent: Collaboration suite lets you connect with people, run shared calendars and share files online

5. GrandCentral: Get one number for all your phones, and record all of your calls with a click of a button

6. Exploratree: Create ‘thinking guides’ and use them to collaborate on projects and documents

7. Instan-t Messenger: Downloadable and web-based multi-protocol instant messenger

8. MECA: Connect to popular instant messengers at once, and get all your buddy lists into one”

Click here for web page with all of the details of these online collaboration tools.

Jeff Kemp (Golden, CO), www.jeff-kemp.com.