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The long awaited version 1.2 upgrade to the Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress by Ingenesis Limited was released today. We love Shopp and use it on many customer sites. We also recommend Shopp to folks on a regular basis even if we aren’t involved in building or hosting their website because we believe it is one of the best e-commerce solutions available for WordPress.

Shopp Ecommerce

New Shopp Documentation

Along with the plugin upgrade the developers of Shopp have also upgraded their documentation. There is a brand new Shopp Downloadable User’s Guide available here.

New Features In Shopp 1.2

The latest version of Shopp brings many exciting and long anticipated new features. Some of the top new features that Shopp version 1.2 brings with it include:

Borrowed directly from the official Shopp ecommerce plugin page:

  • Migrated Shopp catalog data to use WordPress custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Added support for WordPress Menus to Shopp content including Shopp virtual pages and smart product collections
  • Improved permalink handling for better canonical URLs and SEO
  • Support for product comments by using custom post types for products
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress post/page related plugins such as SEO plugins
  • Re-engineered the shopp() Theme API template tags to use a new, completely extensible system that allows developers full control
  • New Shopp menu uses three main menus: Shopp, Catalog & Setup
  • Shopp now supports 230+ countries
  • Guest checkout is fully supported
  • Added the ability to custom link customers to WordPress users
  • Added new smart collections including:
  • Recently Viewed to show the last 25 recently viewed products
  • Also Bought using a sophisticated relationship algorithm to match products other customers have purchased
  • Promo Products collection system that builds new smart product collections for the products that each catalog promotion applies to speed optimizations including WordPress cache support and a redesigned product collection query engine for 900x faster queries and scalability up to hundreds of thousands to a million product catalog
  • Added support for authorization-only transactions with delayed capture for proper retail order processing
  • Added support for refunds and cancellations
  • Added shipment notices that include tracking number status URLs
  • Added support for subscriptions to PayPal Standard

More Info

Jeff Kemp (author of this blog and SiteSubscribe founder) has recently been helping as a Tech Support rep for Ingenesis, the developers of Shopp, as part of their Help Desk team. So if you need help customizing your WordPress website with Shopp, get in touch with us.

Read more about the full list of all of the new features for Shopp v1.2, and how to upgrade if you already own Shopp from the official Shopp blog: