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What was a free landing page is now at least $9 per month.

Here’s the announcement we received today from LanderApp:

Important News

Your account has been upgraded for free!

Here at Lander we’re introducing a new Free Trial mode and we’re giving all of our amazing current users like you a special 60-day extended free trial of our new Starter Plan (a new subscription at $9 a month).

You’ll still have your 500 monthly visitors plus 1 custom domain for free until the 60 day trial expires. Your new Starter Plan will go into effect on March 11 and we’ll offer you 2 full months for free after your next renewal date to try it out.

We’re always trying out new ways to help you get the absolute best out of your Lander experience. Learn more about the new trial mode and the benefits of your extended Free Trial or contact our Support Team anytime.


Glad we hadn’t sunk any real resources into Lander. We have a couple of landing pages we created using LanderApp.com. They were free, so even though we know WordPress really, really well, we decided some months ago to use Lander for a couple of one-page websites. I’ve always looked at that decision as temporary anyway, so it’s no huge deal that now we have to pay or quit.

LanderApp's surprise announcement today

LanderApp’s surprise announcement today

We just received an announcement today that we “are upgraded for free” for 60 days to the paid LanderApp plan, after which we’ll have to start paying. So what this means is that we have 60 days to rebuild our simple landing pages over on one of our WordPress sites (or create a new WordPress install). It also means we’ll be canceling our Lander account.

We understand that they have to make money, but to make it sound like they’re doing us a favor by starting to charge us in 60 days (instead of 30 for their free trial) for what has been free for the past several months is kind of bothersome. Seems like the ‘ol switcheroo. I prefer the freemium model where once they need to start charging to pay the bills that they grandfather in the old accounts for free (even if it means some feature downgrade), giving us existing customers the option to upgrade, and then charge the newcomers full rate. Oh, well.