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Israel shows abilities for Iran strike – Yahoo! News: “WASHINGTON – A large Israeli military exercise this month may have been aimed at showing Jerusalem’s abilities to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.”

My commentary:

Anyone who believes that Iran, who sits on a sea of oil, is building a nuclear reactor for “energy”, all the while using weapons grade plutonium, is blind to the obvious! Iran doesn’t need another energy source. And the president of Iran has consistently said that Iran will eliminate Israel (“wipe them off the map”) at their first opportunity.

So when you add it up, Iran’s intentions are clear.

Based on this comment from Israeli military analyst Martin Van Creveld:

But though an Israeli strike would likely be able to “paralyze the most important Iranian nuclear installations,” it probably wouldn’t be able to destroy the program, Van Creveld said. “I would be very surprised if Israel can really knock out every part of this program, which by all accounts appears to be large and well concealed and well dispersed,” he said.

…if it were a nuclear “power plant” that Iran was building, why would it be so secretive, well concealed, so dispersed, and so intentionally difficult to destroy?

Meanwhile, Russia helps give arms and nuclear scientists and nuclear and arms assistance to Iran (can you say “AK-47”?) and Syria, while blowing a smoke screen at the U.N. with a bunch of rhetoric (reminds me of Senator Palpatine in Star Wars who was very political in winning the people’s favor for peace and all the while was the evil Sith Lord in disguise, building his army in preparation for war). Who doesn’t see this??

North Korea is doing the same thing, but assisting Syria with nuclear strength, most likely for evil purposes: “a facility in Syria that U.S. officials have said was a nuclear reactor being constructed with North Korean assistance”. Why else would Syria, another oil rich nation with a hatred for the Israeli’s, need nuclear capabilities?

If I were Israel, I wouldn’t trust the U.S. position based on a “U.S. intelligence report released late last year concluded that Iran has suspended its nuclear weapons program”. I’m sure the U.S. is missing something (economic sanctions are not enough motivation for Iran to stop their push towards Israel’s destruction).

We all know that Armageddon is inevitable, (most likely with Russia and China as Gog or the ‘bear from the north’ allying against Israel in World War III; do a Google search on “revelation attack from the north” and draw your own conclusions), but we can at least stop playing games and call a spade a spade, recognizing the ‘evil empire’ of Iran (and others) for what it is.

Meanwhile the U.S. has little power to stop all of this since most of our industrialization has gone overseas…when war comes how will we create weapons and munitions if all of our manufacturing plants are closed and everything is being made in China or India? And much of the U.S. is owned and therefore controlled by overseas interests, as we continue to go trillians and trillians of dollars into debt.

Bottom line is this was all predicted, and the only real hope is in Jesus Christ.