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I’ve had several people ask me: “Is Romney a Christian?”

What they mean by that is, ‘is Mitt Romney an evangelical Christian?’, or a ‘mainstream Christian?’.

My Response

“Should it matter?”

Picking the right presidential candidate is about who has the best policy and leadership for our country, it should not be about their religious beliefs per se.

Even though in an ideal world I would prefer a truly ‘Christian’ president, picking the next president should not necessarily be based on who calls themselves a Christian or lives like a Christian, but who can lead this country for the better both domestically and abroad over the next several years.

For me, who can lead this country for the better for the next few years is determined primarily by how they stand in these things:

  • Policy
  • Leadership


Policy covers things like the economy (curbing spending by reducing government and entitlements), values (gay rights, abortion, etc.), and foreign policy (being firm enough on Iran to prevent them from a nuclear attack , etc.).


Leadership involves who can get the job done when working with others…in the case of the Presidency it’s about working across the isle and across the ocean (with allies and enemies).

It’s about having a good vision of where to go and how to get there, having passion for your vision, about bringing good people around you to execute that vision, and getting their buy-in on that vision so that you are all going the same direction.

It’s also about knowing when to take a stand and when to make concessions to move things forward (and how to get concessions from opposing sides).

Christian Values Are Key

Romney may or may not be a Christian depending on your definition. But…

I do believe that Romney holds firm to Christian values, and votes that way whenever possible.

The opposite can be said about Obama for the most part, whose policy choices have shown him to be a true liberal, taking a stance against Christian values when it comes to values-based policies.

Who Should We Vote For President In 2012?

A candidate who holds to Christian values and takes those values into strong consideration across all of their policy decisions will be, in my opinion, the candidate to vote for…and will have what it takes to make good on their campaign promises in all of the key areas.

Romney is much much closer to my personal position in all of these areas: domestic policy, foreign policy, values-based policy, and leadership.

Romney has specific plans to help the economy, reduce tax rates, broaden the tax base by increasing jobs, simplify the tax code, help businesses prosper, reduce the outrageous deficit, strengthen our military, and stop Iran from attacking Israel and/or the USA.

I believe he has the strong leadership and experience to make good on his promises of improving our country’s situation in many key areas, so for me there’s no question or hesitation.

Romney for President!

Has Romney Lied To US?

CNN and many Democrats are responding to the recent October 2012 Presidential Debate by outright calling Romney a liar.

By Romney expressing different aspects of his views at different times, like saying something like (loosely quoted) ‘I wish congress would overturn Roe v Wade‘, and ‘I have no knowledge of any legislation that I would back that would change abortion law‘…does not make him a liar since both statements are true.

He stated his ‘ideal‘ situation, and then at a different time stated the current situation.

CNN and many Democrats also call Romney a liar because they believe that his math is wrong. Romney has stated that it depends on which study you favor as to whether his math is correct or not, and that he is laying out principals and some ideas for achieving his numbers, but that he isn’t going to lay out legislation without getting bi-partisan legislative approval…but the ‘nay-sayers’ won’t have any of it, they just keep up with the name calling and the spin.

Romney knows he’s going to have to work with both sides of the isle to make things work, so he’s not coming out with guns blazing saying ‘I’m going to overturn Roe v Wade‘. But if it did come up we’d know where he stands.

Yet for the most part CNN is twisting his words all day long making it sound like he is lying and even outright calling him a liar, but THIS ONE CNN article shoots straight and says Romney is not lying.


I look forward to you adding your comments below…