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Glenn Beck “Rumors of War” movie finally shows the reality & truth about Iran’s intent to kill us all…but will it be heard?


Glenn Beck’s movie will send a message that needs to be proclaimed worldwide. Whether it will be heard or not is another issue.

For one thing, requiring to be a PAID member of Glenn Beck’s site to view the movie will strongly limit the audience. Sell the DVD online and I’ll buy some for myself and my friends, but I can’t buy everyone a membership to his site, or enough DVDs to make an impact. There needs to be a national broadcast on network TV.

Of course, even if people do see the movie that doesn’t mean that they’ll take it as seriously as they should…this is evident from the current dismal lack of response to this very serious situation to this point. It seems like most of the world’s leaders are blinded to the obvious reality and truth that Iran will stop at nothing to attempt to exterminate their enemies (Israel/US), and fully intends to start nuclear war regardless of the consequences or deterrent.

If anyone thinks Iran won’t start a war because of the repercussions they are wrong. They don’t care if they themselves suffer great losses (Iran is like a giant suicide bomber ready to blow themselves up and everyone they can with them). And let us not forget that they have Russia on their side, so Iran will not hesitate to initiate devastation.

It’s bad enough when Iran uses rhetoric to deceive the world and then moves forward with plans for annialation, and we do NOTHING. But when they are forward enough to make brazen threats on the public stage, and we still do NOTHING of consequence, that’s ridiculous ignorance on our part.

Can we trust the nuclear inspectors or even the military advisors who likely don’t really know all of the missile facilities embedded within the mountains? (Or perhaps all of the uranium enrichment facilities?) What they DON’T know may kill us.

We must not let Iran progress any further with this insanity!