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We came up with a good great strategy for managing your Affiliate ID:

Use your phone number as your Affiliate ID when creating your affiliate account.

That way when you do simple every day activities like handing out your business card or sending an email you can tell potential customers to remember to enter your phone number in the Affiliate ID section of the shopping cart when placing an order at SiteSubscribe.

That way neither you nor your client referral need to remember your Affiliate ID since you already know your phone number, and most of your serious contacts are going to keep your phone number handy within their CRM contact manager.

Its also a good way to promote your phone number even more since often your Affiliate ID shows up within affiliate links, and your phone number is not private information so it gets your phone number some more exposure.

So your affiliate link would look something like this:


Brilliant, huh? 🙂

See our Affiliate page for more info.