Yesterday GoToMeeting announced a new feature to their web conferencing service…they now support video conferencing with up to 6 meeting attendees sharing their webcams through a new feature called HD Faces.

The onscreen display will show the normal presentation (shared screen of the Presenter), and can also show up to 6 webcams simultaneously during the presentation.

HD Faces video conferencing by GoToMeeting

HD Faces video conferencing by GoToMeeting

There’s no additional cost for this new feature.

Sharing your webcam during a meeting (online training) is totally optional; each attendee can choose not to share their webcam at any time.

For those who don’t mind sharing their webcam, this new feature has the potential to make our meetings/trainings much more personal and collaborative in nature. So I’m looking forward to using this new feature.

Attendees don’t need to do anything special in order to view someone who is broadcasting their webcam during a meeting. Attendees that want to broadcast their webcam need to make sure they are using the latest version of the GoToMeeting local client (applet).

It would suggest joining your next meeting about 10 minutes early if you plan to do the upgrade to the latest version of GoToMeeting to make sure you have enough time to get set up in time for the meeting.

Presenters need to also make sure they are using the latest version of the GoToMeeting local client (applet), and they also need to configure their GoToMeeting account online to support the new upgrade. I’ve already done this, so we’re good to go!


Tip: Need to record your GoToMeeting session, but on a Mac?

Unfortunately GoToMeeting does not offer the ‘Recording’ feature for those of us on Macs, but there are a few work-arounds…

To record your GoToMeeting session when you’re on a Mac you have 3 choices:

  1. If you have another PC laptop sitting around, you can still present from your Mac, but join the meeting with your PC laptop soley for the purpose of recording (just join the meeting with your PC then go back to using your Mac).
  2. Ask another meeting attendee who is on a PC to record the session for you, then upload the video file to a Dropbox folder for you to access.
  3. Use a third party screen recording softare like ScreenFlow to record your screen during your presentation. In order to capture all of the audio you’ll need to use the built-in Audio feature available from GoToMeeting by having folks call in, then send the audio output through your computer speakers to capture everyone’s conversation.

How To Record Your GoToMeeting Session

  • Right click on a guest that is attending the meeting using a PC (not a Mac).
    Select “Make Organizer” for this individual.
  • Ask them to click on the “View” link on the right side of the control panel.
  • Ask them to select “Recording”.
  • Ask them to “Settings”.
  • Ask them to select WMV as the video format so that the video will play on your Mac (the default video setting is GoToMeeting format, which will not play on a Mac).
  • Ask them to “Start Recording”.

Of course, asking your meeting particiapants to jump through all of these hoops for you is not a very good option, especially if you don’t know your meeting participants or if they are not very computer savvy, so I prefer to just join the meeting on my left over PC laptap then control  the meeting using my Mac (as mentioned above).

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