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Social media marketing is becoming an important part of any online business. Businesses are adopting this relatively recent phenomenon to boost up their customer base, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits. Social media marketing is used by online business in their operations, customer relationship management, sales, marketing efforts and more. Social media marketing usage has increased over the years. Recently conducted survey by Society for New Communications Research shows that almost 60 percent of Fortune 500 firms are using social media strategy to increase their sales. Social media strategies also increases social promotion and brand loyalty.

Social Media Sites

Activities conducted in social media sites like Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook, forums, social news sites refers as social media marketing. You can use these sites with the objective of spreading a message in the form of text, video, image, widgets, audio virally through social media to get visibility, attention and traffic.


Facebook provides a powerful platform to meet with 300 million users. It is considered as low cost marketing plan to meet end number of users. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, you should create an account to explore your online business. If you have an account, register with a Business Account where you will have Business Fan Page which lets you to start a page where users of your business can register as a fan. You should also consider the option of starting hyper-local ads on Facebook. Use Facebook applications to advice users. With the help of Facebook apps you can convert a user into a buyer. Allow users to share ownership of products. Many ecommerce websites are using social sharing tool on their item listing pages.


Twitter has grown tremendously in recent years. It is treated as the one of the best platforms to promote your brands. You should spend nearly 15-30 minutes on Twitter know your competitors, type of content available for your online businesses. Use best conversational strategy on Twitter. Reaching out to users with the help of Twitter is a best strategy to spread your voice. Always use audience’s language when you are interacting through social media. Company Blogs considered as the great value to market your products and share ideas and opinions. Blog content should attract more readers, so write awsome contents, add some plug-ins like as TweetMeme, where customers can retweet to your posts on Twitter.


LinkedIn is considered as the best business based social media for professionals. LinkedIn has 50 millions users base from 200 countries all over the world. With the help of LinkedIn you can request customers to recommend on your profile, which will help you to increase customer base.

User Engagement

Make sure that users are engaged with social media integration. Playlists on youtube is considered as best way to keep users on your own Youtube channel for longer time.


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