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Paypal Versions Super Confusing

Paypal versions are super confusing (I don’t pretend to understand them). Paypal calls the different plans similar things, but they end up being totally different and not compatible with what you expect. Or what is Payflow may be known as 2 different things depending on which version of the API you have (or when you signed up). Very confusing.

Very Disappointed with Paypal Service

I’ve spent the last 2 full months and over 7 hours on the phone with Paypal (2 out of 5 phone calls to Paypal ‘merchant services’ had me waiting 1 1/2 hours each time!)…very frustrating. Very disappointed in their service.

Paypal Standard, Paypal Payments Pro, or Paypal Advanced?

I had converted my Paypal Standard account to Paypal Payments Pro, not knowing they had just changed their API and that it was not yet supported by WooCommerce extensions.

Shortly after that Paypal released Paypal Advanced ($5 per month…a much lower monthly cost than Paypal Payments Pro [$30 per month], but without Virtual Terminal, which I don’t need).

So after a huge hassle, a full 2 months ago I finally attempted to convert my Paypal account to Paypal Advanced. After 7 hours, 5 phone calls, and 2 months later…Paypal finally told me yesterday that YOU CANNOT CONVERT YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAYPAL ADVANCED FROM PAYPAL PAYMENTS PRO!!

You have to open an entirely new Paypal account and re-apply!

The new Paypal account must use a unique email address, so if you want your shopping cart to look professional you need to de-attach your webstore’s email address from your original Paypal account and associate it to the new Paypal account for Paypal Advanced.

Well, that’s what I did yesterday, I opened a new Paypal account and applied for Paypal Advanced (I need to keep my original Paypal account active since I use it for affiliate payments, etc.). And, as normal Paypal confusion goes, they sent me about 5 emails, one of them saying I signed up for “Payflow Link“. WHAT?? Yet another name.

Now I have to keep track of 3 different Paypal logins: a login for my primary Paypal account, my new Paypal account (to support Paypal Advanced), and Paypal Manager (to access Paypal Advanced). What a hassle!

Making me think seriously about going over to Authorize.net.

BTW, 2 caveats:
1) You still need SSL with Paypal Advanced if you don’t want the annoying mixed content warning.
2) To my knowledge the Paypal Advanced extensions (either the Woo version or the IgniteWoo version) don’t yet support recurring payments (for subscriptions). Which is very important for me.

Also, Paypal was not aware of any support for Paypal Advanced by WooCommerce as of yesterday. I mentioned there are 2 extensions available now.

Another thing…the Paypal website throws all kinds of errors if you use a Google Chrome browser. Most other browsers work fine.

Well, as of this writing I’m still waiting for Paypal to approve my Paypal Advanced account, so the hassle continues…