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Cross Browser Testing. Pick an OS – Pick a Browser – Test website

Browserstack.com The Browser Test Center to check your website's cross browser compatibility. Test your website live via your browser and remote VNC sessions. Now you can interactively test your ajax, javascript, and flash on all operating systems and browsers from anywhere. Basic=1 user, 150 minutes/mnth $20/mnth; Pro=5 users, 600 minutes/mnth $50/mnth; Business=25 users, 3000 minutes/mnth [...]

Google launches Google Drawings: a new collaborative drawings editor

Google Drawings: a new collaborative drawings editor released as part of Google Docs Google Docs now has a collaborative drawings editor that makes it easy to build organizational charts, flow charts, design diagrams and much more. - Share drawings just like any other Google Doc - Download in a variety of formats - Co-edit and [...]

WordPress 2.8.1 released, includes tighter plugin security and more.

WordPress has released an upgrade to 2.8 to the new 2.8.1 which includes some much needed tightened security. WordPress 2.8.1 fixes many bugs and tightens security for plugin administration pages. Core Security Technologies notified us that admin pages added by certain plugins could be viewed by unprivileged users, resulting in information being leaked. Not all [...]