Deactivate WP When Not In Use

WP  (link to plugin developer) is a good plugin used to compress WordPress images (known as 'image optimization') that helps your website pages to load faster. Unfortunately, when left activated WP slows down your it has the opposite effect it is meant to achieve! And, a Yahoo service behind the scenes that [...]
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PluginBuddy Developer Suite of Premium Plugins Now Included FREE

PluginBuddy from iThemes We just included the entire PluginBuddy Developer Suite of Premium Plugins within every Website Package: BackupBuddy for website backups EmailBuddy Plugin for Email Newsletters DisplayBuddy (Slideshow, Video Showcase, Carousel, Featured Posts, Rotating Text, Billboard, Rotating Images, Copious Comments) VidEmbed Thumbsup Mobile   EmailBuddy from on Vimeo.   VidEmbed Preview from [...]