What is Responsive Design?

(a.k.a. Responsive Website Design [RWD], Adaptive Design or Adaptive Websites or Progressive Enhancement)

Responsive Design is a relatively new (~2011) and advanced set of web design techniques that attempts to accommodate various screen sizes and browsers. Responsive Design is particularly targeted at making browsing websites on tablets and mobile devices more user friendly, and can be a good alternative to creating duplicate sites for mobile browsing.
Some folks think that Responsive Design means that when you drag your browser window to a smaller size that the elements on the page flow better into the new browser window size…that is a big part of Responsive Design…but the full extent of a truly Responsive Web Design doesn’t just take into consideration how to make your website look better on a smaller screen (by scaling everything down and/or moving things around to flow into the browser window size), but can also take into account the features that a mobile or tablet web browser can support (i.e. Flash or no Flash, drop-down menus, touch, javascript, image resolution, video resolution, etc.).

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