Marketing Services

Marketing Automation / Sales Automation

We have a keen understanding of the marketing and sales process and how your business process needs to be fully integrated between marketing, sales, and technology. We are experts in the area of marketing and sales automation.

Marketing Plans

We formalize the marketing strategy, then we can set things up with all of the necessary integrations for automating the sales and marketing processes, then we train you and then help you to execute on your plan for sustained growth over time.

  • Formalization | of your Marketing Plan so you have solid direction of next steps.
  • Initial Setup & Integration | of Marketing Initiatives (can be phased).
  • Training | so your company can use the marketing tools we setup so you can keep your momentum.
  • Execution | so stuff actually gets done according to plan and you make money going forward.
  • Tracking / Analysis | so you know what works and where to focus your time and money.
  • Maintenance /  Support / Consulting | to keep things running and working together in the ever-moving landscape of marketing and technology.

We’ll put together a comprehensive Marketing Plan for your company that focuses on integrating your brand with your marketing efforts across all marketing channels, and ties everything into your sales process for capturing and nurturing leads.

From Lead Generation to your sales funnel and collecting cash from your customer, we can orchestrate a plan that fits your company’s goals and methods, and automates much of the process so you can spend your time more effectively. Then we can help you to execute on that plan and track ROI for results so that your marketing is actually working for you and makes good business sense.

Marketing Channels & Methods

We zero in on marketing channels and methods that will suit your companies budget and workflow.

We setup, integrate, train, execute, track, and support.

  • Website
  • SEO for Organic Web Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • eBooks / White Papers / Case Studies / Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Events / Networking Opportunities / Trade Shows / Trainings / Workshops
  • Call Center Messaging
  • Podcasts
  • Press Releases
  • Internet Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Text Messaging
  • Sales Scripts
  • Print Collateral
  • Direct Mailings
  • Analytics

Website Integrations

We’re all about making your website the focal point of all marketing and lead capturing activities.

Drive all of your marketing channels…social media, video, email, and even voicemail back to your website for traction, sales, and customer retention.

  • Send out a tweet to Twitter, a post to your Facebook page, a post to your LinkedIn page and profile, a post to Google+, and more every time you post a new article (blog post) to your website.
  • Capture all contact info as a lead into your CRM program for follow up and into your email marketing list for your newsletter for every web form submission.
  • Let your website visitors promote your website content for you with social media sharing.
  • Send a text message with a link to your website when someone leaves a voicemail.
  • Integrate comments into your articles.
  • Synchronize your website photo gallery with your Facebook page.
  • Protect parts of your web content until it is ‘liked’ on Facebook, then reveal the rest.
  • Easily add content to your website anywhere you want.
  • Include videos, PDF downloads, eBook downloads, content sliders, interactive forms, events, ecommerce, maps, photo galleries and slideshows on your website.
  • Display new content and route web form submissions to specific teams based on user interests within web forms.
  • Receive a text message for each web form submission.
  • Move things around on your website to display properly on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Track your website analytics to see what pages your website visitors come to and spend the most time on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

MileHighMarketing Internet Marketing and Web Analytics Services We can optimize your website for search engines using proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques so you can get the most out of your advertising dollars. Then you can confidently take the next steps in promoting your website knowing your advertising efforts aren’t in vain!

Since “content is king” there’s probably no better marketing ROI than first-and-foremost investing some of your marketing budget towards optimizing your website for search engines and adding content that can be searched.

Optimize your website MONTHLY for Search Engines with our MileHighMarketing monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) subscription packages starting at $340 per month.

√ Includes 4 hours time commitment per month ‘mixed’ SEO effort.

√ Package ‘mix’ includes any of the following as needed month-by-month:

  • Website Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Management
  • Analytics Performance Reporting
  • SEO Consulting

√ Each month’s SEO focus will be based on several factors including analysis of prior month’s performance and determination of current month’s needs to achieve best results based at our discretion (unless additional paid consulting time is committed for analysis and planning).

√ Additional by-the-hour time commitment may be available per month by special arrangement (subject to availability).

Monthly subscription until canceled.

SEO Service Mix Available Within Our SEO Packages:

Website Structure

Good SEO begins with good website structure or architecture. We’ll try to use Canonical URLs (i.e. ‘/about/our-services/’ instead of ‘?8999/hedjk.php’). We’ll make your Page Titles thoughtful & SEO conscientious. We’ll help to break up your web page content into readable logical sections with good Page Headers. We’ll add link & image tags using keyword anchor tags. We’ll try to make your web pages load faster…if page load speed is really bad (>20 seconds) then all the SEO in the world won’t help much.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a technique used to zero in on on the keywords and phrases that are going to attract the most attention to your website by your target audience, with the goal of moving your listings up in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Keywords carry a lot less benefit with search engine position than they did just a few years ago; content is king, meaning you may be better off spending your time writing good blog posts and be less concerned about targeted keywords.

A keyword like ‘cars’ is considered very ‘broad’ and will not drive a lot of traffic to your website, whereas a ‘longtail’ keyword or phrase like ‘Denver hot rod show’ or ‘best used Chevrolet dealer in Denver’ will attract a more specific audience.

Targeting effective keywords is typically an ongoing exercise if one is to engage in the practice at all; the search engine and competitive landscape is constantly changing and requires constant tweaking of keywords to be effective in the exercise.

Our monthly SEO service includes Keyword Research to find targeted keywords and phrases that will help propel your business to the top of search engine result pages. We provide a monthly report of many statistics and analytics showing how your keywords and web pages are performing.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a primary an SEO technique of optimizing certain web page elements page by page (including blog posts) and is critical for proper search engine indexing and favorable search engine position.

Our monthly SEO service includes what is known as ‘on-page’ SEO, meaning we optimize page by page based on the content and keywords you want to emphasize per page. We optimize page titles, headers, tags, images, links, meta tags, etc. for organic results from search engines.

Good SEO optimization campaigns can run anywhere from 1-12 months (6-12 months being the average campaign duration).

Backlinks / Back Linking

Backlinks are links posted on other websites that link back to your website (or a page within your website), and are a valuable tool to give more ‘weight’ or importance to your website for ranking well within search engines.

Over recent years Google has been penalizing websites (even de-listing them from search engines) that game the system by creating useless websites just so that they can link back to their own site, or by paying some company in India $4 per hour to post hundreds of links to their website in some online directories.

Bottom line is don’t use any shortcuts, create online profiles on the web within credible websites, and try to get your customers and business partners to link back to you.

Our monthly SEO service includes creating backlinks to your website. We will create online profiles for your company on the web within credible websites.

Pay Per Click Advertising

As part of our our monthly SEO service we also offer Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management services if you have a budget for that, and if SEO for organic search results has already been performed on your website.

Once your website is well optimized for search engines in order to capture organic traffic, you might consider PPC (it doesn’t make sense to invest in PPC until organic SEO is adequate). With PPC you can sponsor an advertisement about your company via a text link to show up in search results within the top or sidebar of search engines like Google or others.

The goal of PPC is to use specific verbiage within your ad to attract the type of user who has the highest potential to become a customer, and then to convert them to a customer once they’re on your website. Each keyword or phrase is assigned a cost per click by the search engine you are advertising within usually based on an auctioning system where the most valuable keywords cost more. If done properly you can target specific keywords and phrases to help zero in on your desired audience while reducing cost for any unwanted clicks that cost you money.

PPC requires setting a daily (or sometimes monthly) allocated ‘spend’ or budget on a set of keywords used within your ads, and then managing that monthly ‘spend’ against what ‘click throughs’ you are getting.

Landing pages, single website pages usually with a very specific purpose for tracking particular advertising campaigns, can be used along with custom campaign specific URLs to track campaign effectiveness.

PPC can get very expensive, but you can set a threshold of how much you are willing to spend each interval (daily, weekly, monthly), and then manage it carefully with ongoing tweaking of your keywords for best ROI. Here’s a quick example of how PPC works:

Your daily budget: $10

Your maximum cost-per-click bid: $0.50

Your average actual cost-per-click: $0.40

Approximate number of clicks per day: 25

PPC prices vary depending on the targeted keywords based on an auctioning system; a ‘broad’ keyword like ‘cars’ will have a lot of competition and therefore be very expensive, whereas a ‘longtail’ keyword or phrase like ‘Denver hot rod show’ or ‘best used Chevrolet dealer in Denver’ will attract a more specific audience and be less competitive and costly in terms of per click cost and unwanted clicks, therefore also making these more desirable than ‘cars’ in terms of cost and audience attraction.

It makes no sense to pay a lot of money for PPC to bring people to your website if your website is not designed to convert that traffic into customers, so focus on your website first, and then on SEO before investing in PPC. SEO is cheap by comparison and provides lasting value as compared to PPC which is expensive and as soon as the paid campaign is over, so is the traffic

PPC involves setting up a monthly spend, target keywords, PPC links, and optional landing pages, and also involves managing the campaigns at least a few minutes per day to optimize and adjust results and manage the spend and budget. A weekly results and budget report is provided.

PPC campaigns can run anywhere from 2-12 months (6 months being the average campaign duration). Costs are time based plus Google PPC costs.

Keyword research and management is included within our SEO packages.

  • We install and use the best WordPress SEO plugins available.
  • We do Keyword Research and analysis to help you rank higher on search engines with the keywords and phrases that get you noticed.
  • We Optimize Page Titles.
  • We Optimize Page URLs (page slugs).
  • We Optimize Page Descriptions.
  • We Add Keywords to Pages.
  • We Optimize Image Tags.
  • We Optimize Links.
  • We Optimize your content with Embedded Keywords.
  • We setup Analytics so that you can track progress of your SEO investment (number of visitors, content viewed, time on site, goals achieved).
  • We provide a written monthly SEO report showing month-to-month search engine ranking results based on our SEO efforts.
  • Includes 4 hours optimization per month (contact us to extend the amount of time spent monthly).
  • Price is per Month for recurring service until canceled (we do more and go deeper SEO each month).

Need more than a few hours of optimization per month? Tell us what work you need done so we can give you a quote…

Be sure to use our contact form (or call us 303-888-5140) to tell us the work you need done.

Custom project that needs a project based estimate rather than hourly rate?

You can continue to further optimize your web pages using the same plugins that we install and use so you receive even more lasting benefit.

Back link building is additional. Price per month until canceled.

Social Media Syndication & Integration

Post once to your website, and your content gets syndicated out to multiple channels.

Drive all of your social media interactions back to your website for traction and customer retention with full social-media-to-website integration.

  • Every time you post a new article (blog post) to your website:
      • Send out a tweet to Twitter
      • Post your article to your Facebook page and profile
      • Post your article to your LinkedIn page and profile
      • Post your article to multiple Google+ profiles
      • Post a video to Youtube
      • Post an image to Pinterest
      • and more.
  • Let your website visitors promote your website content for you with social media sharing.
  • Integrate social media comments back into your articles comments.
  • Synchronize your website photo gallery with your Facebook page.
  • Protect parts of your web content until it is ‘liked’ on Facebook, then reveal the rest.

Lead Generation & CRM Integration

Capture leads from all of your marketing efforts back to into your CRM program and sales process for lead follow up, customer interaction, and increased sales.

  • Capture all contact info from web forms and voicemails as a lead into your CRM program for follow up.
  • Capture contact info into your email marketing list for your newsletter with every web form submission.
  • Synchronize Google Apps Contacts and Google Calendar with your CRM program.
  • Capture contact information as a lead into your CRM directly from an email in Gmail or Google Apps Gmail.
  • Route web form submissions to specific teams (sales, marketing, support, etc.) based on user interest selections within web forms.
  • Receive a text message for each web form submission so you can respond quickly.

Internet Advertising

MileHighMarketing Analytics Services Let us promote your website on the internet and then present to you our clear interpretation of analytics so you will know who is coming to your site and why so you can get the best possible Google position and ROI for your marketing dollars.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (various web promotion)
  • Keyword Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Site Tagging
  • A/B and Multi-variant Testing

Call Center Messaging

STAND OUT with a custom voicemail system.
SAVE TIME with transcribed voicemails.
CAPTURE LEADS with caller name lookup and conditional routing.
PRIORITIZE CALLS with automatic call tagging.
ENGAGE with mobile marketing by providing text messages with links to your website, landing page, web registration forms, or promo videos.


  • Greet callers differently or send automatic text messages depending on who’s calling.
  • Setup an auto-attendant menu with recorded voice prompts for each option.


  • Route your phone leads “one to one” or “one to many” by forwarding leads directly to your phone, a specific team member, or out to every cell phone on your team based on conditional logic.
  • Handle first time callers differently by routing them to your Sales Manager for instance.
  • Route and forward calls based on who is calling or time of day.
  • Let callers choose to speak to your assistant or be sent more information about your qualifications, your rates and testimonials from previous clients based on their menu choice before leaving you a voicemail.
  • Set up different menus and routing based on who is calling.
  • Tag your voicemails for quick handling based on what the caller does after you miss a call or what choices they have selected within your phone menu system.
  • Set up a fast track for family and friends to let them bypass your normal greetings and menus.
  • Setup an 800 number for toll free calling by your leads and customers.


  • Capture contact information from voicemails as leads into your CRM program.
  • Capture phone numbers from missed calls as leads into your CRM program for follow up.
  • Forward transcribed voicemails as notes attached to a contact within your CRM program.
  • Receive notifications of voicemails via mobile/tablet app, email, or a text message so you can respond quickly.


  • Respond to voicemails and even missed calls with automatic text message responses with links to more information or just to say you are sorry you missed their call (the messages can be based on which phone number they called or if you previously assigned the caller to a call group).
  • Bypass auto-attendant based on certain callers or call groups.
  • Read transcribed emails while in meetings (rather than listening to long voicemails) to get a quick sense how soon you need to return a missed call.
  • Share a unified voicemail inbox between team members so calls can be responded to faster.
  • Use a VOIP (voice over IP) app on you cell phone, tablet, or computer’s web browser for when your cell coverage is spotty.


  • Engage callers with mobile marketing using automated SMS responses like ‘Text “12345” for information on this Real Estate Listing’ or ‘for a link to our White Paper’.
  • Promote your brand by creating a menu that lets callers find the information about the company or specific products or services that they need.
  • Use unique phone numbers in your marketing to help identify where the lead is coming from so you can quickly relate to the caller.

Email Marketing

MileHighMarketing Email Marketing Trackable email campaigns with all the features you would expect, and more. Email marketing is the proven #1 marketing format in terms of return on investment.

  • Trackable HTML Email Campaigns using a number of CRM integrated tools including but not limited to CampaignMonitor / MailChimp / Aweber / ExactTarget / ConstantContact / CampaignerPro / JangoMail
  • Subscription Management
  • Links to Website Content and Product Pages
  • Low Cost Image Hosting
  • Email Analytics Featuring Trackable:
    • ‘Opens’
    • ‘Click Throughs’
    • ‘Bounces’
    • …and more all trackable from links within your email right through to what pages visitors clicked on in your website.
MileHighMarketing Web Content Services

Your website is the first place people come to learn about what your company has to offer.

It doesn’t make sense to use marketing dollars to pay us or anyone else for advertising if you aren’t first taking advantage of the virtually free benefit of organic searches.

Website Content and Copywriting Services

  • With our Copywriting Service we can create compelling website content that will attract more visitors to your site and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time as they traverse more in-depth pages.
  • We can also create great copy for your corporate brochures.

Corporate Branding

MileHighMarketing Branding and Corporate Messaging
  • Marketing Message (slogan, tagline, mission statement, etc.)
  • Corporate Color Schemes (consistent throughout all media)
  • Logo Design
  • Go-To-Market Kits
  • Product Launches
  • Product Marketing
  • Press Releases

Some of our  Web Services include an HTML color swatch of all colors used to build your website, which really helps to keep the look and feel of all of your advertising media consistent.


Graphic Design

MileHighMarketing Graphic Design Services

  • Brochures
  • Data Sheets
  • Flyers
  • Technical Documents
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Print Ads
  • Advertising Graphics
  • Mailers
  • Logos
  • Web Banners
  • Go-To-Market Kits

Graphic Design Samples

MileHighMarketing Graphic Design Services brochures


MileHighMarketing Graphic Design Services print & web advertising


MileHighMarketing Graphic Design Services logo design
MileHighMarketing Graphic Design Services web banners

Corporate Video

MileHighMarketing Video Services

Video is the new hot form of advertising. Don’t miss out on opportunity by only having a ‘STATIC’ website.

  • We can create a cost effective company profile commercial promoting your services, then post them to your website, Youtube YouTube, Vimeo Vimeo, and many other places on the web to get your message out (prices typically range from $500 – $2,500 depending on location setting and editing time).
  • Software Demos / Product Demos
  • Webinars / Screencasts / Internet Video Broadcasts
  • Podcasts (video, audio)

Technical Writing

Need a little help managing and documenting Product Requirements?

Using our strong background in Product Management within the Avionics and high-tech industry we are able to help gather, define, and then to document your requirements.

MileHighMarketing Technical Writing Services

Technical Writing Sample

We can gather and document your Product Requirements using requirements management tools such as Telelogic DOORS, TechExcel, Rally, GatherSpace, RequirementsOne, MS Word, or we can adopt to any requirements tool your company prefers.

Our Technical Writing and Requirements Management Services

  • Gathering and Documenting Requirements
  • PRD (Product Requirements Documents)
  • MRD (Market Requirements Documents)
  • ARD (Application Requirements Documents)
  • PDD (Product Description Documents)
  • Data Sheets / Specifications Sheets
  • Wire-Frame Diagrams
  • Use Cases
  • Traceability
  • Project Management / Project Plans
Contact us for an Estimate, or hire us! [contact]

We’re familiar with several Requirements Management tools. Some of our favorites are:

…all good choices depending on your budget and project scope.

Download Sample Product Requirements Document

We created this Product Requirements Document for an international startup company in Denmark. Download the PDF file of a sample Product Requirements Document here: [download id=”3″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]

There are many other Product Requirements Documents and other types of Technical Documents we’ve done, but most are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so we can’t show them to you.

MileHighMarketing Technical Writing Services

Technical Writing Sample

Here’s a recommended article that we wrote regarding proper use of ‘i.e.’ or ‘in example’:

MileHighMarketing Technical Writing Services recommends: MileHighTechGuy - technical-writing-proper-use-of-ie-that-is-versus-eg-for-example view recommended article

Market Research

MileHighMarketing Market Research

  • We can help you to understand, document, and present the competitive landscape of the market, market trends, emerging technologies, and opportunities.
  • Market Reports
  • SWOT Analysis

MileHighMarketing Market Research


√ 30+ years hands-on B2B/B2C Marketing Management experience with global companies from concept thru execution.

√ Expert WordPress web design & development.

√ 20+ years Graphic Design in both digital/print with extensive printing background.

√ 8+ years solution sales with sales process.

√ Hourly, monthly recurring subscription, or project based with custom estimate.

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